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creative coaching

Idea and creativity specialist

Online Coaching

Creative coaching
Dare to realize your ideas and your life

"I feel tired. Life no longer has meaning, but I don't dare change my life."

“I am in contradiction with my life. I would love to dare to say who I am.”

"I feel bad. The doctors can't find anything and can't help me. What can I do?"

“I have an idea but I’m so afraid of failing…and what will people say?”

Reconnect with your creative nature

You have an idea?  

A crazy idea, absurd, original but she

been going through your head for a long time,

without letting you be respite?

A whole new idea, but you don't know by

where to start or you are afraid?

The idea is such a seed planted  in you who asks only to thrive.

Whether it is a project to develop an artistic activity, pretake a sabbatical year, undertake a trip or a professional reconversion, Géraldine can become your ally and help you realize your ideas. 

Creative online coaching, by Géraldine, The written image, Hochstatt, France
Que propose Geraldine

What does Geraldine offer you?

  • She offers you a safe environment where you can talk  of your ideas and your difficulties encountered, free of judgment and negativism. She can play the role of a listening friend or a caring parent. 

  • It can help you identify blockages or highlight your limiting beliefs. 

  • It can help you gain better knowledge about yourself and how you function.

  • It can also guide you towards self-learning and help you take your autonomy from the norms and “what should be done”.

  • You can also benefit from her medical and art-therapeutic knowledge as well as  her experience of high potential. 

Warning: online creative coaching sessions are not

medical consultations, psychotherapy or art therapy,

nor a painting lesson.   

I teach people to allow themselves  to get creative

pour qui

Who are these sessions for?

Géraldine offers online coaching sessions for everyone  person who wants to lead a more creative life or who feels they can develop a gift or skill but dare not use it.

To all people who dream of becoming in tune with their creative flame to give more meaning to their lives. 

A person, over the age of 18, feeling psychologically well, ready to take action and take the risk of achieving self-fulfillment with support and help.​

“No matter your age or your personal journey, whether art is for your career, hobby or dream; it is neither too late, nor too selfish, nor too pretentious, nor too stupid to work on your creativity”

(Unleash Your Creativity, Julia Cameron, 1992, pp 11-12)

Creative online coaching, by Géraldine, The written image, Hochstatt, Alsace, France

In what form?

Géraldine offers online, individual 60-minute coaching sessions, from Thursday to Saturday, according to your needs.

You can contact us by email at or by phone at 0033 6 24 01 98 18. You can agree on a first appointment of 20-30 minutes to see if your needs correspond to  Geraldine's suggestions.

First session20- 30 minutes  to discuss your needs            free


1 individual session (online) creative coaching                   50 euros

Sous qulle forme

Pre-registration open for creative group coaching (max 4-5 participants), at Géraldine's painting workshop in Hochstatt.  The sessions will take place every 4 weeks from September 2023 (school calendar) 36 Euros per term

Team Building
Qui est geraldine

Who is Geraldine?

Creative online coaching, Géraldine, The written image, Hochstatt, Alsace, France

Geraldine is a professional painter since 2019. For more than 20 years, she has been trying to realize her own creative ideas “against wind and tide”: painting, writing, creation of illustrated stories, sabbatical year...

She works as a telemedicine in Basel, Switzerland.  As a doctor, she was able to accumulate knowledges in consultation, in the field of the body, the relationship and life experiences. 

Out of interest in the creative process, she later trained in art therapy. A profession that she ultimately never practiced as such. 

In order to better understand her own functioning, she recently completed her training with a coaching course for high potential people. 

An atypical and personal journey at your service.

to find out more

“for anyone who seeks a more creative life through the practice of an art and, on a broader level, anyone who desires to practice the art of a creative life” (Unleash Your Creativity, Julia Cameron, 1992 , pp 9-10)

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