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Artistic approach

The source tree of color, luminosity,

of movement and inspiration.

The life tree, the staircase tree, the house tree, the word tree...

Contemporary painting of trees 

The tree source of color, light, movement and inspiration.

The tree of life, the staircase tree, the house tree, the word tree ... All occasions for Géraldine Weinstoerffer to create, to draw inspiration from another world. A colorful world that speaks to her, that tells her story. She plays on shapes, patterns and colors and sometimes also on the content and sense of subject of the painting. The main idea is to tell what she sees, perceives and feels in her life. Images inhabit her and she paints them.


His paintings are colorful, intuitive, personal, sensitive and sometimes bear messages. A message is revealed using a staging of a character like an equillibrist or an object like a simple ladder inviting the spectator to go higher.


The shape of the baobab tree is found in each of her paintings. Géraldine Bard Weinstoerffer especially likes the view from below as if we were at the foot of this tree. The baobab tree can serve as the main subject as a tree. It supports a hut for example. Or it serves as simple containers to put a portrait, a path, butterflies. The image of the baobab allows all possible transformations, guaranteeing access to the sky, space and light. Three subjects that are important to the artist. The tree, link between sky and earth.


My paintings are painted with oil paint or sometimes with acrylic paint / black marker in various formats, single-sided or double-sided.


While Géraldine Bard Weinstoerffer lived and therefore created in a small space, the idea came to her to paint on both sides of a cardboard canvas.  She creates a story with two images on the same painting. Seduced by the practicality of the idea, she painted a series of double-sided paintings.  Using custom frames to show both sides of the painting, you can turn and flip the canvas as desired. It is possible to fix the painting on the wall and therefore to reveal only one side. But also, it is possible to suspend it in front of a window and thus reveal the two faces, one inside and the other outside for example.


Each painting is associated with a poem that sets the image in motion. The image is told and written.

She paints the image she has in mind.

baobabwax ensituation2.jpg

Painting of colorful baobabs 

Painting is like a pictorial writing

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