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Original paintings on paper 

Editions printed on paper embellished by hand 

Want to sprinkle your wall with small colorful paintings in pretty frames?


Local, France



within 14 days

(outside school holidays)


Withdrawal period

14 days

Nuggets, nuggets!

What can you say about Géraldine's nuggets...?

That each of them is different, each of them hashis own character, each of them releases adifferent energy.

Of different sizes, ranging from 13x18 cm to 50x70cm, they are all capable of dazzling you and embellishing your wall. Either in juxtaposed frames above a sofa or alone above your bedside table. In groups or in private!

How are these nuggets made?

Technically, they form 3 groups of pretty nuggets:

  • Quality printed editions of Géraldine's paintings

  • modified and painted by hand, with acrylic paint.

  • Original paintings on paper, most often inspired by parts of larger paintings.Each painting carries a visual melody with it. It is easy for Géraldine to connect to the initial music of the painting and to paint on the same rhythm of the smallest works. There, oil paint and acrylic   intertwine, as well as sometimes fabric and cardboard collage. 

  • The last group is more experimental, born out of play and experimentation like oil painting on mirror

All frames are from'Ikeaand present square or rectangular formats, in three colors: black, white or wood.


Special wishes? Everything is possible

Of course, Géraldine had to make choices: this frame with this

painting on paper, that color and that black frame.

difficult with the choices, it is that one arbitrarily limits the number

different tables.

Everything is possible,here is just a sample of what this creative artist can do.If you have a wish, a painting, a frame, a color that tickles you, do not hesitate tocontactGeraldine.


In a worldpsometimes limiting and constraining, it is good to feel more free ton a world where almost anything is possible! 

Long live choice and creativity!

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