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portrait de femme de profil avec une forêt de baobabs et des animaux sur son chapeau

Life in pink

“La vie en rose” (words)

Canvas Print on Linen 

oil painting and cardboard collage (baobabs)

France, 2022


Theme : Portrait of a woman of African origin

Style : contemporary art

Format : 100 x 100 cm (5 cm thick)

Dominant colors  : pink, turquoise, blue


Frame and fastening system : American box made of dark anthracite MDF

(, usually fixed using two screws screwed to the wall



Interpretation of the work by the artist :

The painter Géraldine had in mind the profile of a woman of African origin who carries on her head a forest of baobabs. The canvas begins with a collage of cardboard tree shapes.  While painting, a dragonfly and a kingfisher came to settle in this plant decor. Initially, the name Gaïa, mother of the earth, was present in the mind of the painter. The portrait was grounded in brown like earth. Then pink and white bubbles came to invite themselves, thus giving lightness and softness to the portrait. The artist painted them while listening to “La vie en rose” by Louis Armstrong. An intense movement of "self love" inhabited it like a contemplation. 

The hat, which was initially too high, was thinned which left space  between the cardboard forest of baobabs and the hat, leaving a space conducive to the arrival of the cat. The cat   watches the kingfisher flee, which gives a dynamic to the canvas. Géraldine likes to stage and tell a story with an image.  Painting becomes pictorial writing. 


Inspiration : portrait of a woman inhabited by a forest

Completion time : 15 hours

Incubation time between idea and realization : 4 months


Chalkboard challenge: glue the cardboard shapes and embed them in the canvas.


A painting, a poem    


"Life in pink"


I listen to life in pink

And I thank life for being here below.

Of all the ups and downs I've been through,

only gentleness and self-love count. 


Unknown, alive, you are all part of a whole.

You deserve to live a meaningful life.

Love, live fully,

Every moment of your life.


Move, jump


Know that every moment burns within you

Like an endless flame


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  • Extract from the conditions of sale

    • Payment: by Paypal, Credit Card or bank transfer. Listed price does not include packaging costs or shipping costs.
    • Delivery: two weeks delivery time (excluding school holidays) + transport time. 
    • Withdrawal period of 14 days from the delivery of the order for exchange or refund (return costs borne by the customer).

    to find out more, see conditions of sale at the bottom of the page

  • Certificate of authenticity

    Each painting is delivered with an authentication certificate attesting to its origin.

  • Qualité du matériel

    Des toiles sur châssis sont encadrées par une caisse américaine en MDF anthracite dans la masse. Elles sont conçues par un encadreur sur Mulhouse. Des peintures à l’huile de qualité professionnelle (Van Gogh, Sennelier, Rembrandt…) sont utilisées ainsi qu’un vernis protégeant des rayons UV.

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