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Double-sided painting, cardboard canvas 65 x 54 cm (0.4 cm thick), oil and acrylic paint, supplied with beech frame. The attachment is made on the side using a hemp string. Different colors are available such as natural wood, white stain, black stain (rubio monolayer wood oil).

Total weight (without packaging) 1400 g.


A woman with closed eyes, turbaned, sheltered in her baobab and on the other side, a smiling woman, her hair in the branches of the tree. The initial idea was to present the contrast between the same woman in two different situations: introversion, meditation and in extraversion, openness to the outside world.

  • Extract from the conditions of sale

    • Payment: by Paypal, Bank Card or bank transfer. Price displayed do not include packaging costs or shipping costs.
    • Delivery: two weeks delivery time (excluding school holidays) + transport time.
    • 14 day withdrawal period from delivery of the order for exchange or refund (return costs borne by the customer).

    for more information, see conditions of sale at the bottom of the page

  • Certificate of authentication

    Each painting comes with an authentication certificate attesting to its origin.

  • Material quality

    Cardboard canvases are framed (homemade frames, Ikea frames). Professional quality oil paints (Van Gogh, Sennelier, Rembrandt, etc.) are used as well as a varnish protecting against UV rays.

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