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Book, “The woman who whispers in the ear of paintings”

Book, “The woman who whispers in the ear of paintings”

Collection of poems and paintings painted in oil paint by Géraldine, 32 pages printed on 150g/m2 semi-matte paper in a square format of 15 x 15 cm. The cover is printed on 250 g/m2 semi-matte paper covered with a glossy lamination.

The book includes:

- A biography

- An artistic approach

- 14 photos of oil paint paintings

- and 14 poems (one for each painting)

- as well as a last page with my contact details.

Some examples of poems:

For the painting “ Swinging with the Swallows”

I feel this ball weighing me down.

In this golden cage, nothing soothes me.

However, I chose it myself

to be a prisoner in this sentence.

My heart craves a smile

in complete freedom, elsewhere to live.

Want to explode with life, to laugh

in the wind, in this tree, to swing me.

the painting “ The rainbow baobab

I throw my stone on an orange square

and I jump in with both feet.

I choose an orange path

leaps and bounds in this colorful tile.

On this chessboard, I move to its center.

In this captivating spider's web,

I get caught.

Take the game to go

within me, towards my point of balance.

or the painting “ Baodame”

Protected in her tree, calmed,

she consoles herself, feels helpless

facing the fate of humanity.

Nestled in her sensuality,

it opens to the wind, in movement.

Her hair mixes greedily

with long, disheveled branches.

It becomes laughter, lightness.

  • Extract from the conditions of sale

    • Payment: by Paypal, Credit Card or bank transfer. Free delivery costs in Metropolitan France.
    • Delivery: two weeks delivery time (excluding school holidays) + transport time.

    To find out more, see conditions of sale at the bottom of the page

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