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Who am I ?

Who am I?

peintre- contemporain- francais

Géraldine Bard Weinstoerffer was born in 1978 in Geneva, Switzerland.

In her childhood, she learned painting on wood. Colors have always been one of her passions.

These last 15 years Géraldine worked as a medical doctor. Discovering oil painting in 2006 at the Malinsel-Löwenzahn studio of Ms. Rueger-Doess in Basel, she decides to complete her medical training in an art therapy school.

Now she lives in Alsace (east of France) and works in Basel.
In 2019, she decided to live her desire: paint as a professional in addition to her medical work. In addition to painting daily, she perfects herself in the field with Artxterra (online courses and webinars) in order to learn how to promote her artistic work.

She loves life stories and transformation processes. She brings us to her universe of colourful, luminous images. The mixture of different images inspired by her daily discoveries and her travels characterizes her work.  She chooses different ways of expression like oil and acrylic panting, writing poems.

You can find his paintings also on the gallery saatchiart:

and derivative products on redbubble:

Because she has a head full of ideas!!  

She takes oil painting lessons at  between 2006 and

2015 at the Malinsel-Löwenzahn workshop in Basel. She decides

to complete a training linking medicine and painting

in  a school ofart therapyin Lausanne. Occupation

that she ultimately never practiced as


Geraldine becomesmotherand feels the need to fully

understand themselves to align with their own values. She wants to live her life in her own way (theme covered in her book"Living in Every Way"). 

Two trips inAfricahad a strong influence on his life, hence the love of baobabs.

Asabbatical year on the boat  allowed him to change the course of his life and to better assume himself.


Discovering her high potential (HP), she embarked on a specialized coaching training for HP in order to better get to know herself and better understand those around her.


Currently, she is in professional conversion and she is trying to combine her knowledge of medicine, painting and coaching into a new profession of her own.

Geraldine is awoman overflowing with energy, ideas and images. She constantly searches for the meaning of things.

Shelikes to express themselves in images and  nest them, in an intuitive waytoform an innovative and inspiring picture!

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