Why a double-sided painting?
How it works?
Space saving


The double-sided paintings are painted on cardboard canvas with a custom frame leaving visible on both sides. In a world where space is becoming increasingly scarce, these double-sided paintings were created with a practical concern of saving space.

An innovative solution


The attachment system allows you to turn and flip the board at will. One side no longer touches you, no longer interests you by dint of seeing it, you can easily return it and let yourself be dazzled by the other side. . The frame is made of beech wood. The attachment of the hemp cord is made on the side. The rope knot gets stuck in a side hole. Different colors are possible (natural, white tinted, black tinted ...).

Hide and seek game

The association of two images allows the artist and the spectator to tell stories, to leave in a partially hidden universe, adaptable according to his desire and his mood.