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beautiful plum

beautiful plum

“Beautiful mirabelle” 

Linen Canvas Print

oil painting 

France, 2022


Theme: Portrait of a little girl with a flower

Style: contemporary art

Size: 40 x 40 cm (2 cm thick)

Dominant colors: pink, turquoise, orange


Frame and fastening system: American box made of dark anthracite MDF

(, most often fixed using two screws screwed to the wall


Interpretation of the work by the artist:

The painter Géraldine had in mind to paint her granddaughter, who accompanies her to each exhibition and who carries within her, this freshness of vitality, enthusiasm and games. This painting originates from a series of photos taken with a bouquet of peony flowers. A crown of eucalyptus branches around the head,  a magnificent fuchsia peony in her hands, the little one, dreamy for a brief moment before resuming the eventful course of her life. A freeze frame of a moment of tenderness, reflection or perhaps concentration. Concentrated on the silence, the smell of the flower or on the rhythm of life?


Inspiration: portrait of the artist's daughter

Completion time: 5-6 hours over a period of 1 month



A painting, a poem   


“Beautiful mirabelle”


Beautiful for a day, beautiful forever

You radiant, silent

Crowned with a vegetal diadem

you only have one party in mind


Savor the moment of a flower

Without casting the shadow of an hour

The latency time

A moment of wonder


Inside everything is quiet

Quietly everything settles down

Pink, orange, turquoise

Everything calms down


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  • Extract from the conditions of sale

    • Payment: by Paypal, Credit Card or bank transfer. Listed price does not include packaging or shipping costs.
    • Delivery: two weeks delivery time (excluding school holidays) + transport time. 
    • Withdrawal period of 14 days from the delivery of the order for exchange or refund (return costs borne by the customer)
    • to find out more, see conditions of sale at the bottom of the page
  • Certificate of authenticity

    Each painting is delivered with an authentication certificate attesting to its origin.

  • Material quality

    Canvases on frames are framed by an American box in solid anthracite MDF. They are designed by a framer in Mulhouse. Professional quality oil paints (Van Gogh, Sennelier, Rembrandt, etc.) are used as well as a varnish protecting against UV rays.

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