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Who am I?

A French painter

From medicine to painting and creative coaching

French painter, Géraldine, The written image, Hochstatt, Alsace, France

Geraldine Bard Weinstoerffer was born in 1978 in Geneva, Switzerland. During her childhood, she was passionate about drawing, DIY, sewing. She takes acrylic on wood painting lessons. There she learns the play of light on plant motifs. Luckily, a cousin introduced her to oil painting around the age of 10.


Predisposing herself to a rather intellectual profession, she decided to become a doctor. Thinking, helping others and solving problems were themes close to his heart at the time. After studying in Geneva, she practiced in various hospitals and practices. Currently, she works in telemedicine in Basel.


Faced with the frustrations, difficulties and demands of the profession, she turns to painting and the creative process, which allows her to escape from everyday life and above all  to thrive in creativity.



Because she has a head full of ideas!!  

She takes painting lessons at  oil between 2006 and

2015 at the Malinsel-Löwenzahn workshop in Basel. She decides

to complete a training linking medicine and painting

in  a school ofart therapy in Lausanne. Occupation

that she ultimately never practiced as


Geraldine becomesmother and feels the need to fully

understand themselves to align with their own values. She wants to live her life in her own way (theme covered in her book"Living in Every Way"). 

Two trips inAfrica had a strong influence on his life, hence the love of baobabs.

Asabbatical year on the boat  allowed him to change the course of his life and to better assume himself.

Géraldine, French painter, began her activity as  professional in 2019 and thus creates L'image écrite (The written image), the name of her paintings studio.

French painter Géraldine, The written image, Hochstatt, France
French painter Géraldine, The written image, Alsace, France
French painter Géraldine, The written image, Alsace, France

Discovering her high potential (HP), she embarked on a specialized coaching training for HP in order to better get to know herself and better understand those around her.


Currently, she is in professional conversion and she is trying to combine her knowledge of medicine, painting and coaching into a new profession of her own. She tries the adventure in 2023 under the cap ofcreative coaching, a mode of support that puts creativity at the heart of the human being. Create yourself to then create your environment. 

Life is like painting a picture. We add day after day, touches of colors and new shapes in order to fully appropriate it and no longer live the life of others. 

Geraldine is awoman overflowing with energy, ideas and images. She constantly searches for the meaning of things.                                               paintings

As a French painter, she likes to express herself in pictures and  nest them, intuitively in innovative and inspiring paintings!

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