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Oil painting on linen canvas, on stretcher frame, framed (anthracite American box)

Reproductions of paintings by Géraldine
Art prints on paper, embellished by hand (acrylic paint or gold leaf) and personalized


Geraldine Bard Weinstoerffer is a French contemporary painter. His painting studio,L'image écrite (the written image), is located in Hochstatt, near Mulhouse, in Alsace to the east of theFrance.   Integrating nature into our own human nature in a painting, such is the challenge that Géraldine has set herself.His paintings will bring softness, life and meaning to your world. Paintings that touch your intimacy,  and allow you to reconnect with your interior.

She paints mainly in oil paint and sometimes in acrylic.

Each painting is associated with a poem that sets the image in motion.

The image is told and written.

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